I didn’t prepare a post for today because I was out last night (at a WGA event with a panel talking about the Fox/Paramount production of Grease! Live!–the panel was hosted by Lin Manuel Miranda and was actually interesting). In lieu of rooms, I’ve got some stories.

–my metro card was empty this morning and the BUS DRIVER WOULD NOT LET ME RIDE THE BUS. She literally re-opened the door and told me to get off. I then had to walk to the subway (the only place where you can re-fill your card for some silly reason) and take the subterranean sweat train to work.

–the guy who played “Danny” was on the panel last night–and Jenny and I couldn’t help but think that he looks like Colin Jost‘s cuter older brother. He also told extremely lame stories–after one, Jenny and I looked at each other and simultaneously said “Cool story, bro” which I guess you’re doing now about this. Sigh.


–I will say that the only bonus to not taking the bus to work is that you exit the dank underworld of the subway and see this image, which is pretty great.

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