Last night, at work, we watched the Grammys–I called it “monitoring” (work lingo for watching an event in case something newsworthy happens). My gal Tay Tay debuted her new Anna Wintour hair and stuck it to Kanye West in her Album of the Year acceptance speech–and while she was right, I inwardly groaned because it only means this nonsense will continue.


And I’ve never felt more like an old white person than when I realized the performances I enjoyed most were the Eagles and Bonnie Rait. Kendrick Lamar basically gave me a seizure and I had to look away. Can someone please explain the strange elf that is Ed Sheeran to me? Adele should have sung “Hello.” And, I’m sorry, but the inclusion of Best Musical Theater Album during the primetime broadcast as an excuse to highlight Hamilton was just basic.


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