I had a lovely weekend. I ventured to Brooklyn for brunch with my dear friend Jenny. We caught up over coffee and yummy food and gabbed for so long I’m sure our waitress hated us (our requests for additional pita and coffee/cream refills didn’t help, either). Jenny warned me not to attempt the Brooklyn Target but I was determined to check out the Sugar Paper LA line. She was right to warn me. It was a nightmare and they didn’t even have what I wanted!


I decided to dress as “basic” for Halloween–my thought process was pretty much “how can I avoid putting on pants” and I decided to dress as someone who would wear leggings as pants. My costume was a big hit at the Halloween party I attended in the West Village. We had primo seats for viewing the parade (something I’d never seen before). I was so thankful to be inside at a party–as the street scene was pretty much the stuff of my nightmares.

On Sunday, I stayed inside, as I  said I would. I worked on a needlepoint project that I’ve been working on for ages. I went to Queens to say farewell to my dear friend Liz who is off to Denver today. I am sad to see her go–but I know she’ll be happy–in her apartment with outdoor space AND a washing machine!

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