Well, that was quite a hiatus. I was gone for so long my domaine expired and my blog almost disappeared forever! But, I saved the domaine and the blog is here to stay. I was sick all of last week (I even took my first sick day in 6 years) and basically did nothing but sleep and go to work.


Anyway, on Sunday, I ran the Staten Island Half Marathon. And oh boy was it hard. I barely trained (and by barely, I really mean I didn’t train at all) and I didn’t eat enough and it was just pretty much awful. But I did finish and I did take the ferry (which was really pretty cool) and I am alive. But I don’t think I’m doing that again for awhile.

Also, while writing this post, I made the mistake of plugging in my iphone to update it and of course now my computer is just cranky and running very slowly. Sigh.

And, even though it is Monday, I have some links:

–I’ve been on to Rifle Paper Company for years. YEARS. And now even Vanity Fair is on board too.

–How much do I need these? Of course, I need an apartment with rooms. And a dining table.

–CHAN. I want to see this. Or at least get the screener.

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