Yesterday, I went to the US Open with my fellow latenight control room peeps (my boss had tickets and kindly invited the only other people free during the day). I took the 7 train basically to the end of the line to the USTA Billie Jean King Tennis Center. It was a pleasant ride full of other U.S. Open spectators–many ladies dressed to play tennis when they were actually just going to watch other people play tennis.


The seats were ridiculous–I don’t think I’ve ever been that close to a sporting event. And, although I don’t understand the scoring in tennis, I really enjoyed watching it. We saw two women’s matches–and then Andy Murray and Adrian Mannarino (who is FRENCH with a name like that). Andy Murray is a dreamboat. Although we left before the end of the match, we were still conspicuously absent from the 4 o’clock meeting–but somehow, everything turned out okay.

And because it is Friday, take a look at my good friend Kate making her debut as the host of Broad & High–a PBS show (it is v PBS) about the art scene in central Ohio. I loved it–and want more Kate!

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