I guess I am officially a New Yorker, right? I found this slipped under my door when I returned from work last night.

FullSizeRender (52)

I mean, there’s so much that is wrong with it–the euro spelling of neighbor, the assumption that I care etc. But most troubling, is that I don’t make much noise in my apartment! Is that mouse I saw the other night moving my furniture when I’m not home? What is this person beneath my apartment hearing? Anyway, having just read this:

“Noise is the New York issue, yet why should it be so? Surely all cities are equally noisy, but I have never heard anyone in Paris complain about the noise, and in San Francisco, my sister’s family seems to thrive unnettled by other people’s noises. Yet Paris is as loud as it gets: the streets with traffic, the families with dogs; and in San Francisco, they play the stereo all night long. Noise in New York is, must be, a symbol, a referred pain, for something else. It is an issue on which no compromises seem possible. The anger comes from elsewhere, even if (as they claim, and as we refute at length) the noise comes from upstairs.”

–Adam Gopnik, Through the Children’s Gate

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