I finished Maud Hart Lovelace’s Emily of Deep Valley this morning–and boy was I sad to see it end (especially because I thought I still had 20 pages but it was just book club stuff and I didn’t properly savor the last few pages). The Deep Valley books are meant for much younger readers but I still love them. They are very old fashioned–and this was full of good lessons and reminders about mustering one’s wits and being optimistic. Anyway, it was a very good weekend read and I’m so glad I spotted it on the sale cart outside my neighborhood bookstore.

FullSizeRender (38)

I had a lovely and productive weekend. I had brunch with a dear friend on Saturday morning–and pro tip–Tribecca clears out on summer weekends and it is very easy to get a brunch table sans reservation! And then I came home and painted my bathroom. I am quelle impressed with my skills. And I will have pictures soon–but want to hang pictures etc first. And on Sunday, I saw Trainwreck (along with most of Manhattan because it was one million degrees and the movie theater was air conditioned bliss). I enjoyed the movie–I think Amy Schumer is funny–but it had the usual Judd Apatow levels of vulgarity and could have been just as funny without. But then, I’m an old lady who enjoys reading Maud Hart Lovelace books on the weekend, so…

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