Susie and I had good mail days yesterday! I got vacation pics and a great newspaper clipping from my dear mother. And my Birchbox. Don’t you just love the packaging? I’m a well-known sucker for packaging but it is seriously one of the best parts! The samples were good, too. Also, I haven’t instagrammed since Saturday–I need some inspiration, man!

FullSizeRender (36)

Anyway, I haven’t done any tidbits from around the interwebs in awhile, so get ready!

–Here is some really helpful information courtesy of Goop. #thanksgwyneth

–Standard house in my neighborhood.

–Oh and another one!

–Also, I read this (Cup of Jo’s are the best) and now I really want this.

–I don’t necessarily agree with this ranking (and I’ve never seen Wall-E all the way through) but I really think I should get a free pass to Inside Out.

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