I started this blog FIVE years ago today! That’s bananas. Anyway, I had a lovely and productive weekend (despite learning this morning that I FREAKED out my mother by not texting or instagramming on Sunday). On Saturday, I bought an awesome framed print at a thrift store on the UWS. And then ventured to New Jersey for some outside margs with my friends Kate and Jenny. Naturally, I made several tactical errors that made an easy trip into a bit of an arduous one. But c’est la vie. On Sunday, after my adventures on Saturday, I did not have it in me to venture downtown to church (also it was confirmation Sunday and I just couldn’t), so I trekked to the hardware store to FINALLY (seriously it has been 3 1/2 years of thinking about this) get a shelf made for my linen closet. I then reorganized my linen closet (it is a dream) and hung my new print. I also cleaned out my sock drawer (no more balls of socks) and threw away more stuff that doesn’t bring me joy. Oh! And never ask a PHD candidate¬†for some light summer reading recommendations. My favorite American literature scholar recommended Jhumpa Lahiri’s Unaccustomed Earth which was very good, but definitely not light reading.



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