This weekend, I hope to put my socks in a healthier frame of mind. And I hope to throw away/pack to donate a lot of things. I am on the path to zen, I can just tell. Ideally, May will be my month of simplifying (don’t I say that like every week?) and not buying plane tickets! It’s going to be both restorative for my life and my bank account.


And here are some this and that items from around the interwebs:

–It is rooftop bar season in NYC–can’t wait to hit up one or all of these.

–Doesn’t this look good? If only my stove was more than additional counterspace…

–I really think I could be quite happy if my apartment looked just like this. Although, I’m sure my Japanese guru Marie Kondo would not approve.

2 thoughts on “AHHH FRIDAY.

  1. Feel free to send a box my way 😉
    Also, I made that salad after you sent me the recipe and it actually was kind of weird… warm + mayo dressing isn’t my favorite combo.

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