Well, my brother Wheeler is on his way to La Guardia now after a busy and delightful weekend in NYC. We crammed a lot into his 4 day visit and many miles on the old feet. We walked all over Central Park on Thursday. And visited Nightline. We went to the American Museum of Natural History and the Met on Friday (while it snowed). We hung out with my friends (until the wee hours). And we traversed the Brooklyn Bridge and then wiled away a few hours in a very random italian restaurant in Brooklyn Heights. We had a night with Kirkwood friends on the UES. We went to church and had donuts. And we went to brunch at the Smith. We walked from the East Village to the West Village and to the Meatpacking District. We saw the High Line. We made a quick stop at the MOMA to see Starry Night. We had sushi delivered. And we went to Jacob’s Pickles. I’m tired and very full just thinking about it!


You can see photos of our adventures here.

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