This week, you guys. This week was a bit brutal. I’ve almost survived–all that stands between me and a weekend alone is a full work day on Friday the 13th. I’m keeping my chin up. On an unrelated note, but in a similar vein, a couple of months ago, I unsubscribed from many, many annoying daily junk emails that I never read. I enjoyed a few blissful months of only getting emails from places I shop. Suddenly, though, my unsubcribes seem to have nullified and my inbox overflows with junk mail again. What’s up with this? I blame Congress.

Anyway, thanks to my pal Jenny for the Valentine below. My two great loves. Fries & tots, indeed.

FullSizeRender (8)

And here are some things from around the interwebs that interested me this week:

If you have a cool $28 mil, you can have Joan Rivers’ UES apartment. It’s pretty amaze.

These made me laugh. Way too much.

And this is pretty.

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