I had a lovely weekend. I ran a very cold and frozen 5K on Saturday morning. And then met up with my dear friend Jenny and her BF for dinner in Tribeca before heading to a party at a bar on the very tip of Manhattan. We practically told the cab driver to take us wear the road ends. For me, it is always funny to be downtown because it just feels so foreign. The UWS feels uncool enough for me. But man, I get off the train at Franklin and I’m like Dorothy in Oz. Anyway, it was a lovely time.


On Sunday evening, as is becoming a troubling ritual, my neighbor decided to hold jam band practice in his apartment for nearly 4 hours. I gave up on the Grammys after an hour out of boredom and because it was too much dueling music. Blerg. Also, if you didn’t read this yesterday, you should read it now. So, so great.

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