If we’re being overly dramatic about this standard-issue winter weather (as everyone seems to be), it’s an arctic blast outside. But, really, it is just cold, dreary February business. As always, I’m keeping things low-key (or minimalist as is more trendy) this weekend. I am running a quick little 5k in Riverside Park on Saturday morning (hope I’m not at work super late tonight!) which should be fun and will get my day started nice and early.


And, as is my new Friday tradition, here are some things that might be interesting.

This whole business is crazy to me.

I will take this house and add some nice things.

I laughed so hard when I read this.

And I may get out the baking supplies and make these, this weekend.

2 thoughts on “IT’S A FROZEN TUNDRA.

  1. Local TV news is the worst. This morning an anchor read, “blah blah blah…with she and the rest of the troop…” They can’t speak English, so why would we expect them to fact check? Sorry…mini rant.

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