I have done lists of Christmas movies in years past–and my mother did a nice job re-capping our favorite Christmas movies this year–although she did leave off the Muppet Christmas Carol. With this in mind, I offer a list of classic Christmas songs, instead.

1.) Rocking Around the Christmas Tree–Brenda Lee

I love this classic song–it never fails to get me in a festive party mood–and who can forget its use during the fake Christmas party at the McCallister’s in Home Alone?

home alone

2.) Christmas Don’t Be Late–Alvin & the Chipmunks

Oh the chipmunks. I remember listening to this 45 (I sound like an old lady) and dancing around. And for some reason when they say “We want to sing it again!!” at the end, it just makes me laugh.


3.) Blue Christmas–Elvis

I mean, is this great or what? You’ve got Elvis, you’ve got Christmas, you’ve got references to a Christmas of White. Obviously, it’s not a happy Christmas song, but it is still Elvis.

4.) Have Your Self a Merry Little Christmas–Judy Garland

To continue in the sad Christmas song vein, I offer this classic from Meet Me in St. Louis. I don’t know, recently this song has been on my must listen list–although in years past it was not a favorite.


5.) Christmas in Hollis–Run DMC

And from the sublime to the ridiculous, as they say. This song just makes me laugh. And I’ve met DMC and he’s a character. Also, the fact that there is a music video for this song is hilarious.


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