Well, I had an interesting weekend. It rained all day Saturday–which prompted me to watch Season 4 of The OC (newsflash, it’s terrible) and needlepoint ALL. DAY. LONG. I started Amy Poehler’s new book. It is printed on very fancy paper that has a sheen that I think makes it a bit difficult to read. It hasn’t made me laugh out loud yet–but she does have a good heart.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

On Sunday, I got up and trekked to Queens to watch my dear friend Adam run the New York City marathon. The most amazing thing about the marathon (other than the fact that they are running 26.2 miles) is that the crowd of people running never abates. People just keep coming and coming. After the cheering, I was reminded that people will always disappoint you. And now, I find myself in a very Holden Caulfied place. And I feel too old for it.

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