I had a lovely weekend. Saturday, I slept in and then ran some errands. I met my dear friend Kate for some afternoon wine and cheese in the sunshine. Quelle divine and treat. The waitress at the table next to ours managed to drop a bottle of Prosecco while trying to open it and caused quite a ruckus and a bubbly explosion. The europeans who ordered said Prosecco were not gracious about this accident.

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But we enjoyed ourselves. While walking home, I could hear the noise from some concert in Central Park–but not being cool or hip enough to be clued in to whatever was happening a mere one block from my apartment, I didn’t realize I missed this. Darn.

Sunday, I went to a barre class where I was tortured for an hour and worried that I might actually throw up. Seriously, those arm exercises are just killer. I expect the extreme soreness to kick in right around the time work gets annoying tonight. After that, and looking like a pretty picutre (not), I ventured downtown to meet my friend Hallie for a little sushi in the Gramercy Park area.

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It is so pretty and quiet down there. We sat outside and had a lovely time. I stopped at West Elm and used my birthday coupon to buy a frame for a super cool picture and a tray for my bathroom (to get rid of the plastic basket).

I also watched Awakenings (sob) and Ghostbusters 2 this weekend. From the sublime to the ridiculous, as they say.

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