On Saturday, I attended a wedding reception in the West Village for one of my oldest DePauw friends, Adam. Seriously, I think we met on the first day. As someone who frequently has to travel to attend weddings, it was a treat to just hop on the subway and head downtown. Although, getting all gussied up and then riding the D train is kind of bizarre, also.

photo 2

Anyway, I was warned that I might need some of this, but thankfully, it was not over-the-top but a delightful party featuring many of my favorite people. My friend Hallie and I accidentally dressed as bridesmaids. Adam and Alex didn’t mind.

photo 1

There were lots of college friends–some that I hadn’t seen since graduation. And many who work in journalism–so they weren’t just like “blank stare you work until midnight every night, what?”

photo 3

And there were plenty of drinks and yummy appetizers. There were no toasts, so I didn’t get to publicly tell the story about the time Adam came to speak to the New Yorker class at LLI (the summer after his internship at said magazine) and how for YEARS after the students asked my mother about my lovely boyfriend. I guess this will have to do.

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