When I walked out of the office around 12:15 last night, there was a chill in the air. Well, maybe chill is too strong of a word. There was a decidedly cool breeze. I almost needed a sweater. And so, upon arriving home, I opened my six inch window, turned on my fan, and let the air conditioner gather some dust. Quelle treat.


And when I woke to the sound of the Fresh Direct delivery man knocking on my door (I expected him to buzz my apartment and give me a few minutes to pull myself together while he hauled my beverages up the three flights of stairs, but alas), I could tell the cool breeze was still in the air. So, I took a walk to Central Park and sat on a bench and looked at the green water in the pond. There were geese sunning on a rock with some turtles. Everything felt very lush.

It was very peaceful–until I encountered a street sweeper intent on revving its engine repeatedly. And now, I’m writing this and contemplating how to spend the rest of this hazy morning.

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