Well, the weekend is over once again. My weekend was pleasant–I tried a new workout class (can barely move today), traversed the East River to meet a friend in Astoria (had to transfer on the subway TWICE, which is beyond my maximum limit), and had brunch on Sunday (with a friend who had to transfer TWICE to get to me).


Lately, my job has been making me, how you say, CRAZY. At brunch, I complained about how my horrible hours keep me from doing anything (dramatic voice), and my dear friend Hallie spread her hands over our table full of yummy food and sparkling water and said “Well, not everything.” And she’s right–my life may be devoid of happy hours, concerts where friends perform, manfriends, birthday parties that happen on Friday nights, and ever leaving for a vacation well-rested, but instead of focusing on those things, I can choose to focus on what I do have–good friends that make time for me on weekends, a lovely apartment on the UWS, Diet Coke that gets delivered to my door, my plant that is thriving on my six inch windowsill, a DVR etc, etc, etc.

So for this week, I’m going to get over my nagging suspicion that those of us who work hard are chumps, and focus, instead, on being happy with what I have–even if that is a bunch of emails from producers about how their job doesn’t fit into their busy lives.

PS I heart Emily McDowell.

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