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As I mentioned yesterday, my weekend in the mountains was just delightful. We were there to celebrate the 30th birthday of my friend Jess–but it was also a wonderful reunion. And while the mountains were a ridiculously beautiful backdrop, it was so nice to see all of my dear, dear friends in one place.

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Still feeling the Xanax in this one. Or just so excited.
Still feeling the Xanax in this one. Or just so excited.

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We drove up from our cabin (that slept 14 and had so many rooms we kept discovering bathrooms) to Breckenridge where we rode the gondola up to the ski lodge. The gondola was kind of my worst nightmare–an enclosed space dangling on a mountainside–but I made it–and may have gripped the bar so tightly I had rust stains on my hands for the rest of the day. The views were obviously worth it.

Photo credit: Kate
Photo credit: Kate

We hiked. I left my phone in the car, though, so I have no photos. As a reference, check yesterday’s post for the view. We were at approximately 9,000 ft above sea level–it was amazing what that altitude did to my stamina. Our short hike just about did me in.

On Sunday, we canoed. It was so tranquil and quiet. And I got to put my canoe instructor skills to use and taught everyone strokes and steering techniques. I know my parents are proud (and happy the money spent sending me camp finally paid off).

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It was just such a treat to spend so much time with my dear, funny friends. We laughed, we drank a lot of beers, we quoted movies, we basked in the mountain air (and not being at work), we talked about millennials, and told stories. The best.

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I also got to spend a fair amount of time in Denver–mostly at drinking outside (not complaining). It is such a different scene–very laidback, people seem calm and happy–not at all like New York. We had brunch on Monday (before heading to the airport–sadface) at a place called Snooze. We had to wait more than 45 minutes. For brunch. On Monday. Tell me about your lives, people, that allow you to brunch on Monday. It was worth it though–because the menu contained an item called Spuds Deluxe. Which was basically shredded hashbrowns with cheese and whatever other toppings you wanted. I’m not including the pic because the deliciousness did not translate in photo form.

Bask in this photo of our pancake appetizer, instead.

I'm hungry now.
I’m hungry now.

Anyway, it was just a perfect trip. I’m so happy we were all able to celebrate Jess’ birthday in the mountains. Thanks for having me, Jess!! And PS, the hashtag for the weekend was to be pronounced three-oh-in-C-O but ended up looking more like some combination of #ochocinco. Oh well.

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