My instagram feed was quite full of smiling people at the beach photos. As such, New York really clears out for the 4th of July. The UWS was like my own private little island–quiet, empty, sidewalks clear. I liked it. Naturally, I didn’t go anywhere this weekend. I worked the holiday. Missed the fireworks completely–although I did get to see them in SD, later. It would have been difficult for NBC to choose worse music, I thought.


So yes, my holiday was a bit of a bummer–I didn’t even wear a festive headband. But Saturday and Sunday were pleasant. I did some shopping and some brunching. Drank some wine. Watched Rising Star–what can I say? I’m a fan of the Groban/Luda/Kesha/Paisley combo. And now it is hot, hot, hot again and Monday. But, it’s a short week for me–I’m off to Denver with some friends on Thursday!

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