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So, my mother, sister and I convened in College Park, Maryland on Thursday before attending the wedding of a daughter of a friend of my mother’s from high school. After a long day of travel for two of us, Susie’s manfriend make us turkey burgers and delicious (and very strong) margaritas. Yummo and quelle treat.

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We got up bright and early on Friday and hit the road for Norfolk, Virginia. Upon arrival, we hopped aboard a big boat and sailed around the harbor. On Friday night, we attended a rooftop party–which we almost couldn’t find–and took no pictures.

On Saturday morning, to bide our time before the wedding, we went to the Norfolk Botanical Gardens. The weather was just delightful–72 degrees–no humidity, lots of sunshine. We saw lots of wildflowers–and even got to wander in an enchanted forest. The traffic signs also told us to de-stress–which I’m always happy to be told to do.

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And then, when the wedding rolled around, we hopped on a big double-decker tour bus which chauffeured us around–so nice! As I mentioned yesterday, we didn’t take any pictures with the bride and groom–but we did take a pic during cocktail hour. And, of course, we double-fisted responsibly. I’ll also add that Susie and I had to sit at the kidz table–no seriously. It was the table full of the kids of the friends of the parents of the bride. They were nice though. And I got most of the wine.

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photo 2 (41)

It was a lovely wedding from start to finish. And it was a delight to see my sister and mother for 3 days.

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