I was lucky enough to travel home to St. Louis for Easter and my mother’s birthday, this weekend. I took a whopping one day off from work–and they survived without me! It was such a treat to be where the grass is green (where there IS grass), where the pace is slow (and the sidewalks clear), and where the Targets have full shelves (and big bags of Flaming Hot Cheetos).

photo (60)

It was ALSO a treat to spend time with my dear sweet mother–who indulges me in the best ways. We went to Steak ‘N Shake on the way home from the airport, we had BrieLTs at Cafe Osage (all the way downtown), we dropped off my needlepoint to be finished at Sign of the Arrow, we went to the mall, and we ambled around Target. We also took several walks and watched funny movies. It was a short trip but a good one!

Also, I saw on the Facebook that the coolest girl in my high school class had the SAME NEW EASTER DRESS as I. I don’t know who that says more about.

Happy Belated Birthday, Mother Dearest!!

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