I happened on the Academy of Country Music Awards on Sunday night. Even though I don’t have a radio and thus have no idea who most of the popular artists are anymore, it’s always nice to get reacquainted with country music. I have to say, also, I liked country music before it was cool to like country music–AKA in middle and high school–so as usual, I was way ahead of my time. It is nice to watch a broadcast where the musicians are actually performing, you can understand the words, and it is clear that everyone likes each other. I sound like an old lady. And my mother.

Anyway, I have a few observations from tonight’s broadcast:

1) You’ve got to love a genre where a guy who looks like Gary LeVox (in the middle) in Rascal Flatts has a career. And that is a flattering picture.


2) Keith Urban is back to his late-90s haircut. And oddly appears to have not aged. Nicole must be so jealous.



3) Remember when Darius Rucker was Hootie and he and Sheryl Crow were rock stars?

4) ‘Wagon Wheel’ was nominated for Song of the Year. I wanted it to win just so that Bob Dylan could accept the award–because he was obviously there, right?

5) The new bands/guys all kind of have the same dirty hair look going on. Luke Bryan was pretty cute co-hosting with Blake Shelton–but that probably mostly just Blake rubbing off! Flordia Georgia Line are a band named after the tackiest part of the United States–and they rap! But I kind of like them, too.


6) George Strait won entertainer of the year. And in the introduction to his performance, Martina McBride said he’s the only recording artist in the history of music to have a number one single every year for over 30 years. AND they all sound the same!

So, anyway, it was nice to get see my old pals. Trisha Yearwood and Garth Brooks came out of hiding to present awards. Tim and Faith performed. Toby Keith sang a song where most of the lyrics were “Get in/Sit down/Shut up/and hold on” which seemed oddly appropriate. Taylor Swift did not perform, but she did dance and sing during the performances. So really, all is right in the world tonight.

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