I hope you had a lovely weekend. I did. It was quiet, in the best ways. On Saturday, I ran some errands and popped into an Anthro to get a new candle and found a cute dress that was on sale. You know that makes me happy. And then Saturday night, my friend Hallie came over and we planned to watch an Oscar movie, but ended up gabbing the evening away. And I got to get out my vintage Pyrex bowls and my electric mixer so we could made some ridiculous cookies with chocolate and peanut butter chips AND potato chips. Yummo.

photo (49)

photo (48)

And Sunday, I stayed in bed extra late and read and caught up on SNL from the night before. I then met some lovely friends at Jacobs Pickles (which is not only in my borough and neighborhood, but also mere blocks from my apartment) for brunch–the wait was 2 HOURS–so we grabbed coffees and then hung out in my toasty-warm apartment while we waited. It was well worth it for the biscuit sandwiches and brunch drinks. Thankfully, we were tempted, but did not steal any sauces, so we can go back.

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