On Saturday, I traversed the weekend subway system (it worked in my favor, for once) to go to yoga for the first time in approximately ages. And as this day progresses, my mobility decreases. Haha, but really. Happily, my friend Hallie (who just ran a marathon!) came, too.

I got to attend my favorite craft fair in Brooklyn–where I got a few Christmas presents. Everyone was super bundled because it was like 28 degrees this weekend. What’s up with that? I also attended a birthday dinner at Jacob’s Pickles where our party hats attracted the manager’s attention. And the birthday girl got a not-creepy-at-all kiss. Ha.

photo 3 (24)

photo 1 (29)

photo 2 (29)

Oh! I got out the evergreen scented candle–and now it smells festive in my apartment. This is as far as I’ll go until Christmas, though. What’s with all the photos I see of Christmas trees? And all of the decorations in the various New York neighborhoods?!

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