Well, I am back from a truly lovely vacation. A week in the sun, by the pool, feeling the ocean waves, can do wonders for the soul. A week with one’s family, joking, talking (a lot), and being annoyed by the same things ALSO does wonders for the soul.

The scenery was unreal.


We feasted and drank a lot. It was vacation. And I only had ONE basket of fries.


Gasparilla Island is a bit like a jaunt back in time. Carefully manicured landscaping everywhere. Golf carts as legitimate means of transportation. Some of them even look like a Rolls Royce. I mean, I think I need one.


We spent an evening at the historic Gasparilla Inn, which was practically perfect in every way. The wallpaper, divine. Florida decor at its best. I couldn’t make myself take a pic in the dining room, because you know, I have some shame. But still, just imagine palm trees and bamboo.


But the best part was seeing my mother and sister and the undivided attention we gave each other for 7 straight days.





7 thoughts on “I DID NOT GET SUNBURNED. GO ME.

  1. You look like you had so much fun! I think we need to all have a vacation at the beach together…now, wouldn’t that be fun! ๐Ÿ™‚

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