As my avid readers know, the Trader Joe’s checkers and I have a love-hate relationship. That is, they love to chat and frequently say things to me that make me hate the cheerful checkout experience. Well, enjoy this little exchange from today’s trip to the grocery store.

SCENE: Wearing a black ABC News fleece, I approach Register 8. It is 11am on Monday.

Checker: Did you just get off the overnight?
Me: What?
Checker: Oh, I just thought you looked really tired so I figured you just finished an overnight shift. Are you a news producer?

The checker also told me that he used to be a news producer–but he hated the hours–as he gabbed through the entire ringing up/paying process. I had no words.

photo (8)

2 thoughts on “I HAVE TO RECORD THIS.

  1. that’s probably the greatest encounter I have ever heard. news producer turned Trader Joe’s checker-outer.

    Do you think Chip Reid ever had to go through experiences like this?

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