To say that this year has been an adventure is putting it pretty lightly. I started by moving from DC to NYC, endured a hot summer that culminated in my brother’s wedding, and ended the year with a changing work schedule and a delightful trip to St. Louis. Here’s a simplified look back at highlights by month.

January–my move from Washington to New York. I like this illustration of the steady progression of putting my apartment together. It’s a progression that is ongoing.



February–Super Bowl snacks. Hallie and I watched the Super Bowl with dips and wine. What could be better?


March–I travelled to St. Louis for my now sister-in-law’s bridal shower. Delightful. And we looked pretty.


April–Kate Spade continued taunting me with their Eat Cake for Breakfast purse. I include this because SANTA BROUGHT IT FOR CHRISTMAS. Santa, or my lovely mother.


May–In May I enjoyed a sunny picnic with friends in Central Park. We made mimosas and pretended they didn’t contain booze. And a duck stared at us. Didn’t the Upper West Side look nice in the evening light?



June–I attended my 5 year reunion at DePauw University. And oh was it a joy. And I got to eat Marvin’s. I want to go to there again.



July–My brother got married–and my pretty sister and I got to be bridesmaids. He and Lauren are happy as can be and live in a townhouse where the laundry room is bigger than my entire New York apartment.



August–Whew. I barely survived two weeks of RNC/DNC convention coverage. Woof. But! I did finally hang curtains in my little apartment. I am my own She-ro.



September–I turned old at the DMV. But I celebrated with style and class. Well, maybe I just celebrated.



October–I survived Hurricane Sandy, safe and sound in the confines of my place of employment. I worked through the hurricane. And I enjoyed 4:30am Wine Time. A first for me!



November–I got to attend the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade because it takes place mere blocks from my apartment. My lovely sister and I stumbled out the door and found a lovely little place to watch. We saw all of the classic balloons. And for once my rent didn’t seem so outrageous.


December–I decorated a little tree in my New York apartment. And, taking full advantage of my remaining vacation days, I indulged and was indulged with a 10 day trip to Kirkwood. And sometimes Susie is caught at an awkward moment.



5 thoughts on “A LITTLE LOOK BACK.

    1. I’m horrified that I didn’t put that visit in this post! I just wanted one thing per month and I immediately thought BIRTHDAY for September. Sigh. Your visit was the true high-light of that month!!

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