I’ve never been a fan of plane travel. All that waiting around, only to be placed in a tin can with wings and squished for several hours. Boy, do I sound like an old lady. That being said, yesterday was the worst plane travel experience. Ever.

We endured terrible turbulence from New York to St. Louis (where it was snowing and there were 70mph wind gust). Then as we came in for our landing, tossing and tumbling about like a bug in the air, we suddenly got diverted to Memphis. There are few things more upsetting than enduring turbulence, having the airport in sight, and then having to fly to Memphis. After several hours on the ground, during which we were not allowed to leave the plane OR GIVEN A SNACK, they flew us to St. Louis. The turbulence was bad, but I was so thankful to be on solid ground.



But now I’m in Kirkwood and drinking Diet Coke and eating cookies for breakfast. Also, thanks to my mom’s instagram account for the shot of me at the airport.

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