Like going to Ikea on a Saturday. Alone. And also wearing my ABC News fleece when doing so. I did see some pretty star lights at Ikea though. And I got what I needed. And about $80 dollars worth of other stuff. At least I didn’t have to put together any furniture. I did have to listen to an old man prattle about advertising dollars ruining the news industry all the way from Borough Hall to Christopher Street. Because the 2 express was running local this week. Sigh.

I visited the Etsy pop up shop in Soho. And saw those cute editions of classic literature at Anthropologie. And for the record, I was Christmas shopping. Not buying things for myself. Even if I did finally buy a pair of boots. They were on sale.


I also attended a birthday party in the West Village. Hallie, Lindsay, and I may have worn similar outfits. I returned to Brooklyn on Sunday to help my friend Kate decorate her Christmas tree. She made us lovely treats. And we enjoyed some Christmas cheer in the form of Hugh Grant dancing.


Isn’t her tree lovely?



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