It didn’t occur to me until about Tuesday last week that the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade would obviously happen in my neck of the woods. And boy, did it. The balloons are prepped a block and a half from my apartment. My dear sister, visiting from the Univ of Maryland, and I tromped around on Wednesday night, getting up close and personal with some of our fave balloons. I saw the ultimate Disney bossman and asked Ronald for some nuggets. And let me tell you, I’ve never seen more police presence in my neighborhood than I did on Wednesday–those balloons are a hot commodity.

The next day, Susie and I rolled out of bed and ambled down Central Park West hoping to find a spot to see the parade without being jostled too much. We stumbled into just the spot at 77th and CPW, the start of the parade route, and spent the next two hours providing witty peanut gallery banter for those around us. Well, we amused ourselves anyway.

When we grew tired and noticed our space shrinking, Susie and I fought the crowds back to my apartment where we enjoyed cinnamon buns, mimosas and the parade on TV. And then I ate chinese food at work while Susie enjoyed a Thanksgiving feast, including cheesy potatoes, with my friends.

You can read more about the weekend at Susie’s blog. More to come later this week on mine!


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