As previously mentioned, I got up bright and early on Saturday morning and headed to lovely La Guardia. At the airport, I encountered not tired, quiet people like myself, but groups of men sporting Giants jerseys and sweatshirts. Only when we were on the plane, and I was seated next to the biggest of these men, did I realize they were all headed to Cincinnati for this weekend’s Giants-Bengals game. Sigh.

These avid fans, amongst whom my seat was assigned, proceeded to spend the next two hours drinking and getting rowdy. On a plane. Before 9a. As I hauled my duffle bag out of the overhead bin at the end of the flight, one of the men said to me “Sorry you had to sit next to the biggest guy on the plane.” “Yeah, me too,” I responded. Oy.

But once I got out of the airport, all was well.

Well, DePauw didn’t win the Monon Bell game. But my friend Drew (and brother of my dear friend Kate) ordered a bucket of beers for our table and the waitress put them down in front of him as if they were just for him. We laughed.

And the wedding, my reason for heading to Ohio, was delightful. Jenna and Zach, the bride and groom are a perfect couple. Because Jenna is a sorority sista, we did the DG toast and freaked out all of the other guests by banging on the floor and chanting loudly. And the reception was fun–lots of dancing, dancing, dancing. Sadly, I didn’t take any pics with the groom included, but he was there, I promise.

Lexi and I were upset because we got carded. At a wedding.

It was lovely to catch up with old friends! And I spent lots of time with my friend Kate’s family (I was dubbed #replacementkate as Kate was in the wedding party and thus not around prior to the reception) and it is nice to know that other families can laugh until crying when someone says something innocent like “I don’t like three-ways” when deciding what to order at Skyline. Ahh yes.

4 thoughts on “WHIRLWIND.

  1. It was a great time–and fun to spend time with #replacementkate! You will be in my thoughts anytime I have Skyline, any number of ways. ๐Ÿ™‚

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