Well add Hurricane Sandy to the list of hurricanes I’ve survived. She joins Irene. Although, survived isn’t quite the right word. Missed might be more suitable. Observed, maybe. To work during a hurricane is really something. You see all of the exciting video from the coasts–the correspondents getting nearly blown away. The wind gusts. The waves. But in the not-quiet-at-all of the news bureau/headquarters, you really have no idea what is going outside your door.

Now to be fair, I did have a window in my tiny workspace. But all I could see was rain blowing sideways and the trees bending far below. But I did survive.

And I walked home at 4am with two other work compatriots. We walked up Columbus and oohed and ahhed at all of the down limbs. And one completely uprooted tree. And one window cleaning thing that fell to the street, just hovering above a car. Uptown NYC is such a different scene from downtown NYC. And I’m thankful to be safe and secure and fully-powered on the Upper West Side.

3 thoughts on “I SURVIVED.

  1. Me too!!! Glad you are safe and sound. I also love how posh this photo is, Ms. Chanel nail polish, Food & Wine and 9 stories. Love.

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