This weekend commenced the start of my Birthday Week. And festivities were enjoyed by many. However, because this is my life, I planned my party at an outdoor venue, only to have the threat of TORNADOES, tornadic activitiy, and severe thunderstorms threaten to literally rain on my parade. My anxiety was high all day Saturday as I considered my options. But, because I didn’t have a new dress and I accepted that my hair would just be a messy mop, I decided to roll with it and hope no one got blown away Auntie Em style.

And as you can see, what started as a sunshine filled afternoon quickly became filled with the darkest, most ominous clouds I’ve ever seen. And then it rained. And we found tables in the covered part of the bar.

My dear friend Kate, a baker extraordinaire, made these delicious mini cupcakes. Yes they look store bought, but she baked them. They were as delicious as they looked. And caramel-filled. Yum.

Kelly and Kinga (which my mother thinks sounds like the name of the newest ABC sitcom) brought a bag of treats. I also have a theory that everyone looks better in a party hat. And with a fry in one’s hand.

I obviously had a good time. And don’t look a day over 21.


  1. I love your blog and I love party hats. This and Embarrassing picture Monday have raised my spirits immeasurably! P.S. I think of you every time I wear my Kate Spade earrings. Happy Birthday!

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