To three boroughs and the East Side in one Sunday. Yes, it is true. Yesterday, I started my day by going to St. Bart’s on the East Side. I sat with this guy. Then, I hopped on the train and headed to Brooklyn for brunch with some lovely ladies. And let me tell you. New York was a tad humid. And by a tad, I really mean extremely.

I also accidentally ordered fries AND homefries. We had a lovely time discussing the Olympics and what a disappointment Ryan Lochte is. Sigh.

After an afternoon nap, I ventured to Queens to celebrate my friend Hallie’s birthday by seeing Step Up Revolution 3D. The 3D was gratuitous but there were some good dance routines. And dialogue. Then we had dinner and convinced the waiter that a candle in a milkshake was a necessity. He agreed.

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