As I mentioned last week, I ventured home to St. Louis this weekend to attend two, yes TWO, bridal showers and because I needed a little R & R (okay, a lot) after the rigors of my move to NYC. Of course, as soon as the landing gear on my plane descended, my throat felt scratchy and before I knew it, I was sick. How rude. This did not deter mountains of fun, though.

Mountains of fun AND fine dining. The showers were lovely. And my mother, sister and I toodled all over town in Susie’s Soul. We went to Ted Drewes, a St. Louis must. I drank lots of wine and learned all about the rules and regulations of bridal showers–it is SO IMPORTANT to put a lovely bow on your gift. Who knew?


  1. I’m so confused by that last picture–Mom’s hair looks so long!! Also, your final paragraph makes it sound like I was included in the trip to Ted Drewes. Which I was not. #bitter

    1. I also am mystified by that photo–who knew my hair was so curly? It has been pretty humid and there can be serious consequences! Anyway, I started missing daughter #1 the minute I drove away from the airport. #Sigh.

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