“I thought he was trying to impress me, which was sweet, but I wanted him to know exactly who I was, and I told him: I love french fries from anywhere, from the fanciest restaurant to the dingiest diner; I loved them greasy, I loved them greaseless, I loved them fat and white and underdone, I loved them brown and loved them crispy. In my own Let Us Now Praise Famous Fries, I spoke as though telling him my most deeply held beliefs, and in a way I was.”

–Melissa Banks, The Wonder Spot

4 thoughts on “THURSDAY TIDBIT.

    1. I’m sorry, I thought I was logged in as Chamberville, but that was my confusing comment about not knowing who Melissa Banks is. I’m having a technologically challenged day — my computer is not behaving (or maybe it’s just my brain)

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